O2KS is the most advanced cold-end glass inspection system available in market now. After 7 years R&D and experience we developed the world's first smartest system for inspecting cold-end tablewares. It is smart because:

  • Flexible : No need to change and hardware for inspecting different kind of products. As long as it meets our inspection range ( up to 300 mm height and diameter is 40 to 110mm ) , O2KS can inspect any type of glass. Just change the job from touch panel in minutes.
  • Easy : Accessing all parameters and communicating with machine is so simple. O2KS has one big touch panel to control all the system. User friendly software can help you to setup the system quickly.
  • Fast: O2KS can inspect 240 product per minute.
  • Accure : O2KS can detect  minimum 0.6 mm  x 0.6 mm sized defects.
  • Secure : O2KS has different user levels. Operators,engineers, admins can use different( limited or advanced) user interfaces. This support will help to protect O2KS any unwanted configuration.
  • Remote Control : Our support team can connect O2KS in any need. We can give support for any issue and control whole system if it is needed.
  • Customizable : O2KS can be modified for any additional request. Such as specific type of glass or defect, we can upgrade the system for customer needs.

Download O2KS v5.2B Datasheet