About Us

Our company was founded in 1996, E3TAM A.S. is a pioneering firm primarily interested in machine vision, computer-based systems integration, data acquisition, robotics and building high-tech laboratories in universities. We have a wide scope of interest from computers to robotics, image acquisition and industrial automation.

E3TAM is a strong organization possesing an easily reachable big information database parallel to its intense and concentrated knowledge and application experience. With this intense knowledge source, E3TAM is the leading firm at instrumentation, PC based test, measurement andautomation in Turkey.

We have research & development based dedicated engineers in our firm and the projects we have completed shows that we can find solutions to any projects or problems coming from our customers. We have an annual turnover about one million euro most of which consists of sales of the wide range of products and product solutions we have. In addition to our sales, we have the research projects we have completed for the industry and the universities as the supplementary part. Our industry based projects are found very efficient and productive by our customers, and we are sure that next year we will multiply our sales and the project number we have completed by two as the knowledge about our solutions and our reputation spreads more and more each year.

E3TAM comes from the initials of (E) Industrial and Scientific (3T) Test, Technology,Design, (A) Research and Development (M) Engineering words in Turkish. We have sales, marketing, software and project teams working in top coherence. The team consist of qualified engineering personnel who are dedicated to be the best in their fields. Our R&D team mostly consists of young graduate students to increase the cooperation with the universities, to adapt our company to the rapidly improving technology easily and to find better solutions and ideas using high-tech sources of our company and the universities.

E3TAM A.S. is a well known company for all research and development people around Turkey with a high reputation as a reference firm in many application areas. Since 1996, we have completed many industry based machine vision projects, automation projects, test & measurement projects, built up numerous university laboratories and designed research based solutions for our customers and universities.